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Crossroads Hospice is a family-owned, privately held business headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Crossroads Hospice is known for its innovation as evidenced by its unique approach to staffing and serving patients; the Palliative Performance Indicator, a proprietary scoring evaluation used by long-term care facilities to improve outcomes; and programs like the Gift of a Day, Veterans Recognition, and Grief Recovery.


PDC150aPalliative Drug Care (PDC) is the industry leader in innovative hospice and pharmacy services.  PDC is known for standardizing patient care and providing prescription cost management solutions through the use of tools specifically designed for our clients.


QualisPurpleLogo150Qualis provides fully integrated DME management with preferred customer vendors and provides real-time tracking, monitoring, and pick-up while providing management tools for analysis and DME utilization improvement.  Qualis refers to evidence-based clinical decision utilization support as “intelligent DME” and guarantees short and long-term savings.  Qualis stands ready to serve their customers.


MMS – Offers a comprehensive supply program designed specifically for hospice providers through their dedicated hospice division.  Their Hospice Care Team embraces a patient/caregiver centered philosophy of care.  MMS offers guaranteed savings through their portfolio of Hospice Contracts and value added services which include customized formulary, treatment protocols including wound care, skin care, incontinence, nutritionals and ostomy, electronic barcoding for inventory control and patient tracking.  MMS offers online education including CEU’s, benchmarking reports and a web based tool that tracks costs on a per patient per day level.  MMS offers over 35 years of experience in the hospice industry.

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