A Seamless, Complete Hospice Care Solution

Empowering caregivers with cost-effective, intuitive tools for an improved patient experience.


Built by Caregivers for Caregivers

We created the Curantis Suite with its end users in mind – caregivers.

Intuitive functionality minimizes training required and allows caregivers to work more efficiently while adhering to the highest standards of compliance and care.

Better Care, Anywhere, Anytime.

A leap forward in real-time care.

Our cloud-based platform allows caregivers to access information and collaborate in real-time across different devices without having to download large, cumbersome software.


Comprehensive Features

The Curantis Suite offers a complete range of features to help save caregivers time and improve the patient experience.

• Company Management
• Patient Management
• IDG/IDT Automation
• Efficient Billing

• Advanced Plan of Care
• Dashboards and Reporting
• Vendor and Provider Management
• Inventory Management

See the Curantis Suite at Work