Curantis Solutions

Curantis Solutions delivers value to hospice companies and their patients, through an innovative, integrated end-to-end cloud-based management software solution.

Created specifically for hospice with deep industry expertise to meet everyday challenges – managing employees, regulatory compliance and clinical documentation – our complete suite of management solutions enables you to focus more on patients and maximize clinical, operating and financial efficiencies, and less on paperwork.

Curantis allows you to automate workflow, increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, enabling you to treat patients more knowledgeably, and manage your business more efficiently, utilizing the latest in mobile technology.

We listen. We understand your needs. We focus on your success and we’re ready to help you provide an entirely new level of care. In today’s accountable healthcare environment, we help you move from volume to value with seamless solutions for a continuum of care.

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[   Software Overview   ]

Cloud-based Software

Saves time, saves money and helps avoid unnecessary capital expenditures. >

Company Management

Aligns with your strategic plans in improving clinical, operational and financial efficiencies, beginning with Referral Management and continuing through the continuum of care. >

Patient Management

Combines care coordination, visit delivery management processes and electronic verification at the point of care. >

IDG/IDT Automation

Assists in the complexities of developing and maintaining a system of accurate communication, coordination, and integration of services of the patient’s continuum of care through automation of the clinical workflow. >

Efficient Billing

Eliminate unbillable days through timely completion of mandated documentation. Support for sound financial management as the benefit period progresses. >

Compliance Audit Analyzer

With increased hospice utilization and the accompanying Medicare expenditures, hospices are facing increased stringent and multiple regulatory agency oversight. >

Dashboards & Reports

Provide real-time meaningful and actionable insights across your organization. >

Providers & Vendors

A fully integrated end-to-end solution, connecting referral sources, facilitating effective communication with physician’s and vendor management. >


Realtime patient care
Access patient
information –
anytime, anywhere.