Advancing Hospice & Palliative Care Through Innovation

Our mission is to give hospice and palliative caregivers the tools, support, and confidence they need to provide excellent patient care.  With our comprehensive software solutions, our deep understanding of caregiver’s challenges, and our constant innovation, we enable caregivers to work more efficiently while adhering to the highest standards of compliance and care.


Decades of Healthcare Experience

Curantis delivers industry changing solutions

We believe that building empowering solutions for caregivers requires empathy, passion for patient care, and experienced healthcare veterans. Our team combines decades of experience from the healthcare and software development industries to deliver the most comprehensive, caregiver-focused solution available.

User Benefits


Comprehensive Solution

The Curantis Suite offers a complete solution to bridge everything from billing and compliance to patient management.


Real-Time Care

Our hospice-care platform allows caregivers to access information and collaborate in real time across different devices.


Easy Set-Up

Cloud-based infrastructure requires little to no maintenance, reduces costs, and includes unlimited support.

Caregivers deserve an easy to use, comprehensive application to help them deliver a better patient experience.


See the Curantis Suite at Work