It’s no secret that our environment impacts our wellbeing. We spend so much of our waking state at work. And if we work in a negative environment or with challenging people, it can take a toll on our health. It can contribute to anxiety and those feelings of dread on Sunday evening as we start to prepare for our work week. No one wants to feel that way. And employees are increasingly lowering their tolerance to negative environments they once accepted. There is an increased demand for fairness, being heard and respected, not just in the workplace, but in our world.

So how can we create a more positive environment in hospice and palliative care organizations?

The most common meeting place within a hospice is the IDG meeting. In this blog post, we’ll explore Three Fun Ways to Boost Positivity During IDG Meetings.

  1. Share performance feedback. An easy way to recognize good performance is by using your satisfaction survey data. If your vendor provides written comments, consider sharing those positive comments with the team at the IDG meeting. If your team members are singled out by name, even better! If your organization is working on a performance improvement project, and you are making progress, share the advancement towards your goal and celebrate their efforts. Everyone loves affirmation and recognition.
  2. Start with gratitude. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve psychological health, enhance empathy, and increase mental strength according to an article by Psychology Today. In an environment where healthcare workers are fraught with compassion fatigue, a little bit of gratitude can go a long way.

    Consider implementing a gratitude practice at the start of your meeting where each participant shares something they are grateful for. Encourage them to go beyond the obvious choices like family and health to really look at the finer details of life and see all the blessings that abound.

  3. Recognize and appreciate each other. When most people enter the workforce, they quickly learn that they must lookout for themselves. It’s easy to operate on the defensive, to constantly be highlighting the negative or the sharing the latest drama.

    To improve the culture, consider implementing a peer-level employee appreciation program where employees can give mini awards to each other and share what they appreciate. This shifts the dynamic by offering an opportunity to actively look for and recognize a helping hand, a brilliant idea, or extra effort.

    Consider incorporating this appreciation exchange during your IDG meeting. You can even include a token of appreciation that is actually given to the person like a coin, special card, sticker, or something simple to physicalize the recognition.

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Having a positive company culture contributes to employee wellbeing and directly translates to how they feel about their work and how they perform. Positive morale curbs stress and anxiety, which is a contributing factor to burnout. Taking measures to interject positivity into the workplace can brighten the mood and dissolve negative behavior, making it a happy place to be.

Curantis Solutions provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution for hospice and palliative care providers. Clinicians learn it quickly and administrators love the efficiency gains of otherwise laborious processes such as IDG meetings. Schedule a demo to see for yourself how Curantis helps you improve employee satisfaction and work/life balance with an efficient EHR.


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