The Most Essential Component to Future-Proof Your Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

When it comes to predicting the future in the healthcare industry, the only sure bet is that it will involve change. Hospice and palliative care is evolving toward value-based care standards that other parts of the continuum have been met with and for good reason. With an ever-growing seriously ill population, we must uphold quality standards and maintain the integrity of care delivery.

The most essential component to a provider’s strategy when it comes to managing change is your software solution and the company behind it.

It is essential to have a software vendor whom you can trust will be there when the regulations change and who will foster your ability to be resilient in times of great change. A good software partner supports you with compliance through thoughtful design, making it easy for clinical staff to understand and implement change, and making it easy for administrative staff to monitor performance for ongoing process improvement.

Every vendor will promise to be this partner. But a software vendor is only as good as their system architecture, the technology that enables it, and the people that support it.

Curantis Solution Hospice Software

There are three core components that make a software vendor excellent. If you don’t have all three, you will struggle to effectively keep up with change. The three components are:

  1. Great tech
  2. Great design
  3. Great people

If you have great tech and great design but don’t have great people, you will struggle with support and service in the times you need it most.

If you have great tech and great people but don’t have great design, you will struggle with usability, arduous workarounds and clinician burnout.

If you have great design and great people but don’t have great tech, you will struggle with vendor responsiveness to feature development, system downtime or reliability, and the system’s ability to keep up with your growth or scalability.

The real cost to all of these shortcomings is inefficiency.

Curantis Solutions is reimagining hospice and palliative care software from the ground up. With two unique patents on our event-driven architecture and configurability, we are structurally different in how we manage and move your data throughout the system which allows us to rapidly innovate in ways that other vendors simply cannot. We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring world class technology to hospice and palliative care to solve some of the most complex challenges providers face. With AWS, we deliver new features faster. We can easily scale with your business. We’re more reliable, and more adept to quickly respond to change.

By adopting smarter technology that intelligently solves the problems of today and is backed by a trusted and responsive team, your organization will future-proof your hospice and palliative care organization against costly inefficiencies that, up until now, have become a byproduct of change.

Contact us today to learn more about how we are Advancing Care Through Innovation and how we can support you in future-proofing your organization with a smarter software system. Book a discovery call here!

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