Curantis Solutions powered by Amazon Web Services

Curantis Solutions, a software solution specializing in hospice and palliative care, faced challenges in managing health data due to siloed information and disparate software systems. Recognizing the need to address these issues, they partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to centralize their data using Amazon HealthLake, a FHIR-compliant service. Utilizing AWS’s Working Backwards process, Curantis outlined business objectives, implemented the Gain Insights program, and designed an ideal cloud setup. By incorporating Amazon Kinesis and QuickSight, Curantis enhanced HealthLake’s functionality, providing real-time data analytics and enabling quick responses to customer queries. This transformation allows Curantis to represent business changes in near real-time, meet customer and partner needs, and continue re-imagining hospice and palliative care software.

Curantis Solutions is built with the same powerful tech, powered by AWS. We’re taking a fresh approach to creating modern software that offers the modern conveniences you have come to expect from technology.

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We believe the future of hospice software innovation will not utilize the old server-based architecture but will require the flexibility, scalability and resiliency of cloud-native/serverless architecture. We are excited to lead the way for hospice and palliative care and make electronic health records software a refreshingly simple experience that is congruent with the technology you utilize in your everyday life as a consumer.  It’s time for hospice and palliative care software to make life easier vs creating arduous workarounds and added frustration.

If you’re looking for a new software provider, look no further. Our team at Curantis Solutions is blazing new trails for hospice and palliative care to bring real efficiency, ease and balance where it’s been lost. We are built on a culture of caring and a desire to put hospice and palliative care first. Book a discovery call today and future-proof your hospice and palliative care organization!

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