Compliance Audit Analyzer

With increased hospice utilization and the accompanying Medicare expenditures, hospices are facing increased stringent and multiple regulatory agency oversight.

Nothing can be more damaging in an audit process than releasing records without all required documentation. Curantis Solutions Hospice Management Software provides a responsive overview of an organizations’ medical records to ensure all key documentation types have been included. The care team will be alerted to any critical missing document types and disable the ability to close the record until the events are fully resolved and documented. Examples of the Compliance Audit Analyzer includes:

  • Election requirements met and including signed election form on file
  • Plan of Care requirements met with inclusion of current POC, including that the POC was established by IDG/IDT and documented
  • Services requirements met, including hospice provided the number of services described in the POC; hospices provided frequency as described in the POC
  • Documentation of all visits for providers of each discipline and for each particular service.
  • Certification requirements have been met including certification of life expectancy of 6-months or less
  • Clinical information and documentation in the medical record that supports the prognosis
  • Signature of attending physician

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