Company Management

Curantis Solutions Hospice Management software aligns with the organization’s strategic plans in improving clinical, operational and financial efficiencies, beginning with Referral Management and continuing through the continuum of care.

With labor costs comprising nearly 60% of operating expenses, Curantis optimizes field clinician’s productivity with an intuitive, dynamic, real-time scheduling feature. Role dependent, all appointments and tasks are displayed on the clinician’s home screen and visible to all team members or customized to the organization’s requirements.

Business logic and compliance rules are associated with each visit scheduled, ensuring compliance with visit frequency, visit type and appropriate personnel.

Curantis Hospice Management software helps improve clinical efficiencies and productivity by:

  • Clinician schedules are reconciled with orders ensuring compliance with the plane of care
  • Drag and drop process for optimal Ease of Use scheduling
  • Highlights conflicts & staff availability
  • Flexible scheduling by visits, hours, teams
  • Daily Task List
  • Displays visits in progress in real time
  • Provides alerts when regulatory required visits are due

For organizations with large or rural service areas, mileage expenses can add significant financial burdens on an organization.

Curantis Hospice Management software helps improve route optimization

  • Precise mileage and travel times ensure more accurate scheduling
  • Optimal route calculations are 95% accurate
  • Fully integrated, route optimization changes real-time based on schedule changes and automatically pushes to the daily activity log timesheet
  • Automatic date and time stamp for enhanced documentation and accountability

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